Telemedicine consultation

UTMB Telemedicine’s future continues to quickly unfold. UTMB continues to refine its telemedicine practices by enhancing and improving on its protocols and equipment. Our view of telemedicine’s future at UTMB incorporates electronic medical records and access to the health network using various communication outlets— creating a comprehensive system that gives every citizen a “medical home” and access to the best specialists, regardless of their location or circumstances.

At the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, we believe our telemedicine will set the definitive standard for technology-mediated health care. We also envision a day when proper access to health care is no longer an issue to be debated, but a reality for everyone to access.

About Us

UTMB’s status as a telemedicine pioneer dates back to 1994, when the university first entered into a statewide contract to care for more than 100,000 inmates of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ).

Since that time, UTMB has conducted over 250,000 telemedicine consultations in a correctional managed health care setting, saved Texas taxpayers more than $780 million, and has helped improve the health outcomes among inmates as shown by independent audits.

UTMB Telemedicine continues to serve inmates in Texas correctional facilities each day, as well as federal and county facilities.

In addition, we also play a large role in providing access to other Texas populations in need of comprehensive health care.

NBC news story covering UTMB's Telemedicine program

Watch this NBC news story covering UTMB's Telemedicine program: