• CMC Epidemiologist Published in American Journal of Psychiatry

    01/14/09 - This month an article and editorial highlight some of the awesome work that Dr. Jacques Baillargeon has done at UTMB CMC (and continues to do). He draws attention to the public health crisis and need for change from a societal and public perspective re: criminalization and incarceration of the mentally ill.

    Attached is a copy of an article just published this month in the American Journal of Psychiatry, the leading psychiatric journal in the US, similar in stature for psychiatrists and psychologists as JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) for non-psychiatric physicians.

    Revolving Prison Door (pdf)
    Reversing Criminalization (pdf)

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Dr. Callender highlights UTMB's value to Texas in Jan. 7 testimony

President David L. Callender testified before the Texas House of Representatives Select Committee on Hurricane Ike Devastation, which met in Galveston on Jan. 7.

Read the transcript of his testimony here to learn more about UTMB's valuable contributions to the state, as well as its recovery from the storm.

The Houston Chronicle report says that Callender told the committee that it will ask the Legislature for $336 million in emergency funds to offset the loss of business since Ike and to pay the state's share of rebuilding expenses. An additional $500 million will come from FEMA.
Originally established s as a partnership with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice in 1994, the University of Texas Medical Branch Correctional Managed Care provides managed health care for offenders in more than 100 adult and juvenile correctional facilities through out the state.

It offers medical, dental, and health services to more than 126,000 patients, or some 80% of the state’s inmate population.

Correctional Managed Care is also among the world’s leader in telemedicine and electronic medical records applications. With 4 million documented patient encounters per year, UTMB Correctional Managed Care is known for its innovative programs and creative solutions in the fields of correctional health care in jails, state prisons, juvenile detention centers and federal prisons.