Telemedicine consultation

At the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) in Galveston, Texas, telemedicine represents much more than another advance in medical technology and high-tech equipment. Instead, by combining sophisticated videoconferencing capabilities, comprehensive electronic medical records, proven disease management guidelines and quality monitoring systems, UTMB's telemedicine has revolutionized medical care.

Telemedicine Services

Each day, UTMB’s telemedicine program performs more than 200 patient examinations, and its health delivery system records more than 50,000 paperless medical documents. These are the Telemedicine Services that UTMB has to offer:

  • Community Health Centers
    UTMB Telemedicine plays a large role in providing access to other Texas populations in need of comprehensive health care.
  • Consultations
    UTMB provides consultative services to organizations wishing to implement or improve their telemedicine services.
  • Mental Health
  • Employee Health Programs
    UTMB Telemedicine provides corporate health services on location for employees, school health consultations, teleradiology interpretations from cruise ships, and specialized remote services for early detection and management of chronic diseases
  • Correctional Managed Care
    The UTMB Correctional Managed Care program provides managed health care for offenders in more than 100 adult and juvenile correctional facilities throughout the state.
  • Research & Evaluations
    Through UTMB's Research and Policy Center, UTMB provides accurate and timely information on developments in telemedicine
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