• Each day, UTMB’s telemedicine program performs more than 200 patient examinations, and its health delivery system records more than 50,000 paperless medical documents.
  • Medical personnel in 24 medical and surgical specialties average over 5,000 telemedicine consultations per month.
  • UTMB has been inducted into the Smithsonian Permanent Research Collection for Innovation in Information Technology.
  • Research concludes that patients served by telemedicine are satisfied with their experience, and that quality of care is equal to, if not better than, care delivered face-to-face.

UTMB Telemedicine currently operates telehealth initiatives for:

  • Mental Health and Mental Retardation Centers (MHMR) across Texas
  • Community Health Centers in rural Texas
  • Mothers and babies through its 37 regional maternal and child health clinics in Southeast Texas
  • Corporate employee health programs


  • A unique component of UTMB Telehealth is the Global Grand Rounds Initiative, based out of our Galveston National Labratory. Its focus is to provide exposure to infectious diseases, for both education/training of fellows in Infectious Disease and for research development. Read more about Global Grand Rounds
  • Our other online courses cover all the basics and the business aspects of telemedicine and includes a detailed guide to planning and starting a telemedicine program.

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